Building a family of thriving organizations focused on

fresh, prepared foods businesses in Canada and the US.

About Us

Freshstone Kitchen Inc. is focused on providing fresh, prepared products to a wide array of customers around the world. 

We are actively seeking to acquire manufacturers of home meal replacement solutions and / or other prepared food companies which will either complement our existing lines of business or broaden our companies' product offerings. Our goal is to bring together a group of companies offering the following fresh and frozen product categories (including but not limited to): ready-to-eat entrees, salads, dips, soups, side dishes, appetizers and ethnic foods.

Freshstone Kitchen is 100% owned by Founders Group of Food Companies Inc., based in Vancouver, Canada. Founders is a family-backed business builder and long-hold, majority control investment firm that invests its partners' own capital and focuses on applying operating know-how in order to build thriving organizations over the long term. The partners of Founders have have extensive operating experience growing food businesses and have invested in over 80 companies over the last 30 years.

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Investment Criteria


Established processor and/or distributor companies of prepared foods.

Company Size:

Positive cash flow companies with established earnings history, ranging in size up to $10 million of annual cash flow (EBITDA). 

Revenue Segmentation:
Majority of Revenue derived from prepared foods products.

Canada and U.S. 

Transaction Types:
We seek majority control investments (75% to 100%), and have significant flexibility to design a transaction that meets a seller's objectives.


Prepared Foods

Working With Us

The Freshstone Kitchen team consists of experienced operating managers and investors. Together, we have over 30 years of experience as investors and have completed over 80 transactions. We also have many decades of personal experience building great companies in the food space as operating executives.


Freshstone Kitchen is focused on creating successful partnerships with existing management talent to build thriving organizations over the long term. As a family-backed firm, Freshstone Kitchen has a longer investment horizon than other firms, and plans to own its companies indefinitely.

Our team collaborates with each company to build off its existing success and create an ambitious vision and strategy for the company going forward. We are a partner to the leadership of the company to execute on the defined strategy to help the business reach its full potential.

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